The modular, smart and secure cloud service

Brane is a cloud service designed by demanding professionals. It allows you to build and administrate your infrastructure directly with a web interface or REST API.

Modular approach

With Brane, no matter how complex your needs are, you can fulfill them by assembling basic blocks. Each block has been specifically designed to fulfill a specific need. As such, you'll be able to choose blocks at optimized cost, or with high performances, depending on the demands of your project.

Smart conception

Built with a technology that is designed and masterized internally, Brane places innovation at the center of its developments to provide you smarter and smarter services (riskgroups, ...). Brane's core relies on solutions that are either opensource or interoperable. This strategy allows for a lot of technological freedom and a user-needs driven evolution.

Secured by design

The first security of an infrastructure is his capacity to recover from hardware and software failures. To achieve maximum availability, all hardware is redunded and the software is diversified at every step of its conception. Brane products are secured by design (pre-configured firewall, SSL activated by default, complex passwords, minimum rights, etc). Automatized monitoring systems regularly check the different layers of the infrastructure to quickly detect threats and malfunctions.

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+2 Petabytes

of storage

40 Gb/s

internet bandwidth