Store huge volume of data, from gigabytes to terabytes

Silver¹ Volume

The Silver¹ volume product provides an attached block storage to your Helium¹ machines. Storage is backed by hundreds of rotating hard drive distributed among several nodes, providing excellent performances for sequential read and write patterns and high availability.

The connection of a Silver¹ volume your Helium¹ machine is completely transparent and will appear to the system as any other locally attached disk. To help you building redundant architectures, it is also possible to attach a single volume to several machines. Thereby, it becomes possible to use cluster file systems such as OCFS2 or Lustre.

Two Silver¹ storage clusters are currently available, in each of our datacenters, providing a capacity of more than 2 petabytes. To provide better data durability, each data is replicated twice on our storage cluster.

Silver¹ volume features


Silver¹ volumes are available in all our datacenters


A single volume can be plugged to several machines at the same time

Data durability

All your data are replicated twice on our storage cluster

CEPH based technology

Our Silver¹ storage cluster are based on the CEPH software